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Our specialism is in the field of education Ė supporting learners, teachers, and businesses. Itís about people and how to maximise their potential.

One way to achieve this is through the effective and appropriate use of ICT as a vehicle for communication, creativity and collaboration.

Stated like this, it all sounds rather pompous but itís a sincere statement nonetheless...

Through creative thinking and effective partnerships Learning Potential offers:

  • Specialist educational authoring for high-impact articles and documents in web and print format
  • Training that focuses on effective and appropriate ICT in education and business
  • Training that focuses on personal development
  • Educational ICT consultancy that focuses on identifying need, understanding responses,building commitment, and enabling a successful and sustainable implementation
  • Marketing consultancy and support that focuses on measurable outcomes whether it is strategic and tactical planning, or support for marketing implementation
  • Motivational and informative presentations to educators.

Some examples of past projects:

21st Century Learning Alliance:

RM Primary Schools for the Future:

Welsh Travel Code:

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